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Two rainbow pride flags crossed and flying in a blue sky

Welcome to The STEM Village.

We are creating a platform to improve visibility of the LGBTQ+ STEM community around the world.

A close-up portrait of a smiling woman with round glasses and long dark hair.

Meet other people in the LGBTQ+ community

Photo showing the laps of people sat in a row, all writing things in notebooks. They are dressed in business wear. It could be a conference audience.

Find out about The STEM Village events, past and future

Discover resources and research to support you

A row of brightly coloured houses.
"Because it takes a village, people!"
- Brynley Pearlstone

Find out about the PRIDE mentorship directory

Read more from our community on the blog

A photo showing the back of people's heads at a protest or pride march. There are trans pride and rainbow flags in view. The person who is centred is holding up a cardboard sign that says "Silence = siding with the oppresor"
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